What are the options for buying a home light switch
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Generally speaking, the manual control system does have the advantage of low cost, but as the scale of the lighting system expands, the manual control will lose its cost benefits. It is inevitable to waste electricity and increase energy consumption. The larger the lighting range, the problem is particularly serious. Compared with the intelligent lighting control system, the traditional control method is simple, effective and intuitive. Because of this, the research on intelligent automation of lighting is of great significance

The slide switch has a strong sound and feels elegant and comfortable. The swing lever sound is crisp and has a slight metal impact. It is more stable in eliminating arcs and has a longer service life than traditional slide structures, and the technology is mature. Because the former increases the contact area between the wire and the electrical device, it is resistant to oxidation, and is not prone to loosening and poor contact. The latter screw is easy to crush the wire when it is strong, and the contact area is small, which makes the electrical parts easily oxidized and aging, resulting in poor contact.

The switch's pure silver has strong electrical conductivity, low heat generation, and high safety performance. The contact material uses copper material, which greatly reduces the performance. The socket material uses tin-phosphorous copper sheet to obtain the best indicators of strength, toughness, and elasticity, which are better than normal. Brass reed sockets are dozens of times more durable, and there is rarely a strong arc burnout when inserting the board; gold-plated reed pins are extremely difficult to oxidize, stable performance, can ensure clear and true sound quality, and fast data transmission accurate.

Generally good products have flat appearance, no burrs, bright color and its materials are made of high quality abs + PC materials, which have good flame retardancy and are not brittle. Although the surface of some products is bright and clean, it seems to be coated with a la