Installation process of socket wall light switch with led indicator
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The wall light switch socket looks small, but the modern home life can not be separated from the electricity, and the switch and socket in our daily life often used electrical accessories, its safety and durability is what we need to pay close attention to. If it is not done properly in planning and installation, it will have a great impact on future life. Only the installation of qualified switch socket can ensure the convenience and safety of home electricity, so how to install the light switch with led indicator is better for everyone to understand some.

The installation of switch socket is not complicated, but it is related to the wiring and wiring of household appliances. If you understand it, you will find it very simple. If you don't know it clearly, it looks very big.

socket wall light switch with led indicator

In order to ensure the safety and durability of the power switch socket, it is recommended to hire professional fitters for installation. If it is installed or replaced by itself, the wiring in the switch socket box must be carried out carefully, and it is not allowed to have misconnection or missed connection. The installation process is mainly divided into cleaning, wiring and fixed installation.

1. Clean the bottom box of switch socket

After the switch and socket are installed in carpentry, a large amount of dust inevitably accumulates in the long end bottom box. The bottom box of switch socket shall be cleaned before installation, especially the dust in the box, and the residual dust in the box shall be wiped with a wet cloth. This can prevent special impurities from affecting the use of the circuit.

2. Power line processing

Pull the wire out of the box beyond the repair length, then cut the core wire, taking care not to damage the core wire. Wind the wire clockwise on the corresponding terminal of the switch or socket, and then tighten the indenter, without exposing the core wire.

3. Three wire connection method of socket

Connect one of the two holes of the fire wire switch to the A mark, and then take the insulated wire from the other hole and connect it to the L hole in the three holes of the lower socket. The zero wire is directly connected to the N hole in the three holes of the socket. The ground wire is directly connected to the E hole in the 3 holes of the socket. If the neutral wire is connected to the ground wire, there will be a trip when using the appliance.

4. Fixed installation of switch socket

First, thread the wire drawn out of the box through the discharge hole of the plastic table, then fix the plastic table on the wall and screw it onto the box. After fixing, pull out the wires from the holes of the switch socket according to their respective positions, and follow the wiring requirements. Finally, connect the switch or socket to the plastic table, align and screw in, and cover the trim panel.