Socket with switch easy to use
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Now many wall switch socket brands are designed with a switch socket to facilitate the control of the use of wall outlet electrical appliances, open and close are very convenient, but some friends say that such a switch is easy to burn out, the actual is not easy to use. The actual situation is not the case? Wall switch with the switch in the end really easy to use it? Here’s my understanding, to see what advantages and disadvantages of this switch socket.

What is the wall socket with switch

  • The so-called socket with switch, is integrated in a socket panel a switch module, the socket can be controlled by the switch on the electrical appliances, for example, connected to the power socket through the cooker, each time you use, simply open the switch, Needless to unplug the plug when not in use, but turn off the switch on it. Plug does not have to unplug it.

With the advantages of switch socket

  • 1, first of all, of course, is convenient, do not unplug the outlet, switching appliances are very easy and convenient;

  • 2, do not plug the plug out, the socket is actually a protection, because many of the socket is damaged because of frequent plug, lead to shrapnel chucks loose, affect the conductive effect, and even the loose end of the jack and can not be used and scrapped .

The shortcomings of the switch socket

  • 1, a friend said that the outlet with a switch is easy to burn out, in fact, there is a bad premise that is used more than the rated power switch socket appliances, resulting in more than the rated current of the work current, due to over-current and burn out. This situation as long as the standard use, you can avoid, itself is not allowed, it can not be a disadvantage;

  • 2, with the switch socket is relatively more expensive than the five without the switch, and many home wall switch socket brand often engage in promotional activities, the key object is the five plug, with the switch socket to do less activity may not be Affordable.

The use of switch socket attention what

  • 1, can not open and close the switch on the socket when the appliance is working, because the switch in the working state of the appliance will cause the contact of the switch to sinter due to the working current, resulting in poor contact. At the same time, it will bring bad to some electrical programs with intelligent control influences.

  • 2, thunderstorm days can not simply switch off things, but should unplug the electrical appliances, so as to absolutely avoid lightning strikes, or by the probability of lightning is also very high.